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10 Barriers To Exercise & How To Overcome Them?

Did you also face the problem of inconsistency in your fitness journey? If yes, then what is stopping you to be regular? Here are 10 common barriers to exercise which may be your barriers too. If you want to stay active and be consistent in your fitness program then this article is for you.

Today we are going to discuss 10 common barriers to exercise and will also discuss how to overcome them.

Let’s first see the common barriers to exercise,

Barriers To Exercise:

  • Going it alone
  • Not enough time
  • Not enough willpower
  • Afraid of getting injured
  • No equipments
  • Bad weather
  • Too much travelling
  • Too many family responsibilities
  • Not a goog athlete
  • Not enough energy

Overcoming Barriers To Exercise:

1) Going it alone

  • Tell people who are important to you about your plans to become more active.
  • Ask them to join you as well so you have some support
  • Join a running or walking club to meet other people who are interested in activity

2) Not enough time

  • Find pockets of time where you can slip in 30 minutes of activity
  • Use stairs instead of elevators whenever possible
  • Take a walk to your class instead of using a vehicle
  • Use cycle for shorter distance instead of motor bikes or car

3) Not enough willpower

  • Join some group activity classes so people are expecting you to show up
  • Make activity part of your weekly plan
  • Schedule it just as you would your laundry or your homework

4) Afraid of getting injured

  • Learn how to exercise safely
  • Use good warm-ups and cool-downs
  • Don’t overdo the activity, and within your skill and fitness levels
  • Hire a personal fitness trainer to learn proper form of exercise and to avoid injury
  • Do proper stretching
  • If you go to the gym, then try to use proper gym essentials to avoid injury

5) No equipment

  • Pick activities where you don’t need to buy new equipment
  • Try out some cardio exercises which don’t need any equipment
  • Look in books, magazines, or online for activities thar are inexpensive

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6) Bad weather

  • Have some backup activities that you can do inside if the weather is bad
  • Try indoor cardio activities ( treadmill, stationary bicycle, aerobic dancing etc)
  • You can also do yoga like surya namaskar at home

7) Too much travelling

  • Find accomodations that have fitness facilities on-site or nearny
  • Take along a jump rope or exercise band that you can use in your room

8) Too many family responsibilities

  • Exercise with your family so that you’re not taking time away from them to do your activity
  • Find good babysitters if you need to
  • Try to exercise when your kids are not at home like during school time

9) Not a good athlete

  • Choose activities like walking or stair climbing that don’t require a lot of skill
  • Find a friend who has your skill level so you’re not tempted to exercise beyond your abilities
  • Try new activities so you learn new skill

10) Not enough energy

  • Give an activity program a chance to work, exercise make you more energetic over time.
  • Try to do a variety of exercises on an alternate basis like running, swimming, playing your favourite sport etc
  • Don’t just stick to one activity so that you get bored of it


We discussed 10 barriers to exercise and ways to overcome them which are very common and faced by almost everyone.

Hope after reading this article, these barriers don’t limit your fitness journey & don’t be an obstacle to your consistency and regularity.


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